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With the changing laws in Europe concerning safety standards on holiday rental villas and community pools coming into effect, we here at POOL GUARD EUROPE are fully equipped to supply our Agents, so they can install all your villas needs with respect to pool safety - thus ensuring YOU the owner are safely within the laws as they are updated and your family and guests are safe to play - in the sun around water.

At POOL GUARD EUROPE our philosophy is simple. We wish to provide our clients with the best possible pool safety products on the market today, ensuring all swimming pools are amongst the safest in Europe and thus giving owners and clients the peace of mind that they're swimming pool is completely child friendly at all times - even when the pool is unattended.

POOL GUARD EUROPE are the sole distributors and representatives in EUROPE of "POOL GUARD" - The world's leading manufacturing suppliers of swimming pool SAFETY FENCING AND SAFETY NETTING equipment. When you choose from our safety range we can assure you that the products offered are of the highest standard, as only quality items are offered to our clients. Chosen for their visual appeal as well as durability and backed by a warranty we are sure you will find everything to make your swimming pool a safer place.


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Why Choose Pool Guard Fencing

POOL GUARD MANUFACTURING specializes in making the highest quality pool fences and removable pool fencing in order to keep your swimming pool safe. Our Swimming Pool Fence products have been manufactured and installed for over 15 years.

Pool Guard's fence construction is the envy of the industry with strong, QUAD CORE aluminum fence poles, patent pending self closing baby gate latches and come with a low sticker price. Pool Guard swimming pool fences and self locking baby gates are manufactured with the highest quality materials available today giving you the safest swimming pool fence to prevent accidental drowning.

Pool Guard manufacture their fences from start to finish and ensure the highest quality product, which allows us to offer a Limited Lifetime warranty. They buy the best marine grade 6063, temper strength of 6 for our poles. Our border is 2" marine grade with lock stitch for durability. We offer 15 color combinations to choose from. Our gates are hand crafted by a certified welder and have a complete in-house powder coating for our poles and gates.


Pool Guard has a diverse portfolio of different pool safety product options for every family. We recognize that not all pools are the same and that the needs of all homeowners with a pool are not the same in regards to safety. This is precisely why Pool Guard offers pool safety fences. All of our products are manufactured at the highest level of quality and in accordance to ASTM and LNE pool barrier standards that have been established in both the United States and Europe. All of our products are backed with the best warranties in the industry. Given our high standard of products, our professional dealer network, and our reputation for outstanding customer service, we have grown to become the leader in pool safety products serving customers all over Europe.
LNE Approved   ASTM Approved

Anti Slip Treatments

PGE Anti Slip

Agents of Pool Guard Europe SL are now able to provide the PGE - AST... an “anti-slip” treatment which can be applied to a variety of surfaces greatly reducing the risk and danger of slips and falls when wet.

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Removable Mesh Fencing

picture Installing removable mesh fencing can be a child lifesaver by protecting against accidental drowning of children, toddlers, babies and even pets.

Glass Safety Fencing

picture The ultimate in designer fencing systems. Offers style, long lasting quality and preserves the beauty of your surroundings by maintaining an open view.

Gates & Alarms

picture Parents looking for the highest level of safety can now choose the added option of a wireless gate alarm installed on our self-closing, self-latching gate.

Pool Covers

picture Quick roll on/off solar pool covers that reduce evaporation and chemical use, keep the heat in and the dirt out - and even help warm your pool water.

Safety Swimwear

picture EasySwim Fun self floating swimsuits are a colourful, super-safe and comfortably way to ensure your child's safety - with built-in UV protection.

Safety Turtle Products

picture A quality range of innovative products - including immersion alarms to safeguard pets, children and the elderly - helping to make your pool a safer place.

Anti Slip Solutions

picture P.G.E-AST is an “anti-slip” treatment which can be applied to a variety of surfaces greatly reducing the risk and danger of slips and falls when wet.